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This message provides details of the Bill 115 remedy (including gratuity compensation, grid loss payment and the paid day off) as well as information about the lump sum payment as a result of the extension of the Collective Agreement.


Bill 115 Remedy

1. Gratuity Compensation

Members with a vested sick leave (over 10 years of service as of Bill 115; gratuity frozen) will receive $604.


Members with a non-vested sick leave (members who lost their gratuity) will receive $1208.


The Board has indicated that you will receive these funds on your September 22 pay.


2. Grid Loss Payment

For members that lost money due to delayed grid movement, you will receive half of the money lost.  The payment will be made by June 2018.  The Board has not provided an exact date at this point.



3. Paid Day Off

All permanent teachers employed during the 2016/2017 school year and are actively teaching in 2017/2018 or 2018/2019 are entitled to one paid day off work.  This day can be taken during EITHER the 2017/2018 or 2018/2019 school year.

The Board will be providing a “drop-down” in Smartfind for “Remedy Day”.  To take your “Remedy Day” just select this option and proceed as normal with Smartfind.  Remember, it helps our Occasional Teacher Brothers and Sisters if the Remedy Day is taken during a normal working day requiring coverage. 


  • It may take the Board a few days to implement this change in Smartfind.  If you are booking your Remedy Day and do not see the option, email Sue McWilliams and she will enter it manually.



Extension Agreement

The extension agreement contained the following salary changes.  Be sure to check your paystub to ensure it has been applied.  The first increase should be seen on your September 9 pay.


  •  0.5% lump sum calculated on 2016/2017 wages will be paid on November 1, 2017 (you must be employed as of Sept 5, 2017).


  •  Permanent increases on salary, wages and responsibility allowance
    • September 1, 2017:  1.5%
    • September 1, 2018:  1.0%
    • February 1, 2019:  1.0%
    • August 31, 2019:  0.50%



If you have any questions or need clarifications please call the District Office.

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