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The District Officer is the primary person to work with members regarding benefits, LTD, Member issues, return to work, accommodations and staffing.   Some forms and checklists can be found below or under the Services Tab.


LTD Changes

 There are changes to the Teachers’ LTD Plan.  It will be more expensive with less coverage.  The changes commenced March 1.  The details are at the top of the next page.  The termination form and memo are on our website under Reports - District Officer.


Who does it affect?

All Teachers, except those now on claim.


How does it change?

When on claim the pay is less.   It also decreases the number of Teachers who will be covered.


Now if a Teacher qualifies for a 60% unreduced pension, they will not be covered if they are disabled.  This 60% usually means that any Teacher who has taught for 30 years.  If this applies to you, you should terminate your coverage so that you no longer pay premiums.


Also, the waiting time has been increased to 110 days.  If you have put in your retirement letter for June 30, you may want to consider terminating your coverage so that you no longer pay premiums.

LTD Plan Change

The OTIP Trust has approved the renewal of the Plan with the following changes that will become effective on March 1, 2018:

1.   The Benefit Level will be 50% of pre-disability salary (previously 55%.)

2.   The maximum benefit period will be the earlier of:

i)       the end of the month of attaining age 65; or

ii)      the date the member becomes eligible for a 60% unreduced service pension

                        (previously age 65 or 64% USP).

3.   The Waiting Period will be the later of 110 working days or expiration of sick leave, to a maximum of 24 months (previously 80 WD or expiration of sick leave, max 24 months)


As a result of these changes, effective March 1, 2018 the premium rates for the OSSTF/FEESO teacher group in the LTD pool will increase from the current rate of 1.52% to 1.58% (including RST). This represents an increase of 3.9%, rather than the increase of 29.5% that would otherwise have been required without the changes described above.

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