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Leaves and Sample Letters

You will find the details of each kind of leave in the Collective Agreement of the Teachers’ Bargaining Unit.  Listed below are the leaves available from the Limestone District School Board.  If you open the Leave Memo below, it includes a comparison of the different leaves and the funded leaves.


Type of Leave


Reduction of Teaching Load (under the heading “Entitlement”)


Leave of Absence for Professional Enrichment


Leave of Absence for Reasons Other than Professional Enrichment


Leave of Absence for Teachers to Serve with Service Organizations


Teachers on Loan to Department of National Defense Schools Overseas


Teacher Exchanges between Boards, Provinces or Countries


Self-Funded Leave (X/Y)


Teacher-Funded Sabbatical Leave with Salary Holdback


Information for all leaves:

  • You must apply on a yearly or semester-to-semester basis.
  • After being on leave for more than two (2) years, you no longer maintain entitlement at your former school, but become a system responsibility, with the exception of a Reduction of Teaching Load.
  • Leaves, except Reduction of Teaching Loads, are normally only permitted up to a maximum of three (3) years duration, requested on a yearly basis.
  • Seniority is accrued while on leave.  Teaching experience (credit on the grid for pay purposes) is not usually accrued while on leave.
  • For most leaves you can buy credit in the Teachers’ Pension Plan.  Karen Marr, at the Board Office, normally sends out information or you may call the OTPP for information.
  • Please send a copy of any leave letter/application form to John Vince at the District Office and Paula Medeiros at the Board Office.  You may also want to provide your Principal with a copy. 
  • If any leave is denied, please let the Chief Negotiator know right away.
  • You are strongly encouraged to maintain your Long Term Disability coverage during your leave.

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