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Sick Leave

Many Members still do not understand the sick leave plan.  Please take time with your colleagues to outline the plan. 

On the first school day in September, Members will be credited with sick leave (11 days at 100% and 120 days at 90%).  The exception to this credit will occur if a Member was on Sick Leave at the end of the school year, then is on Sick Leave on first day of the school year in September due to the same illness.  In this case, they will be not get the additional sick days until they return to work.  If they do not return to work full time then they will be paid according to their new part time work and provided the sick leave pro-rated to the new assignment.   If a Teacher returns to work full time for 11 days, then they will be granted the full sick leave credit.

Top-up Days

At the start of the school year, each Teacher was credited with 11 sick leave days (paid at 100%) and 120 days of short term sick leave days (paid at 90%).    Each day of sick leave (the 11) not used last year can be used to top-up 10 of the short term sick leave days (120) this year.  

ex.       A Teacher used 4 sick days in the 2015/2016 school year.  Since they were allocated 11 days, there are 7 unused sick days.   Each of these days can top up 10 of the 90% days.

 In the 2016/2017 school year, that teacher will have 11 sick days paid at 100% plus 120 days at 90%., however 70 of these short term sick leave days could be topped-up to 100% leaving, due to the 7 unused days from the previous year.  The remaining 50 days (120-70) of short term sick leave will be paid at 90%. 

 This scenario would result in 81 days fully paid (100%) and 50 days paid at 90%.

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