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You will find reports geared to PSSP Bargaining Unit Members on this page.

The first report is from the District Officer to remind Members of the sick leave, Union dues and the Provincial Benefits Plan.  The section on the Levies is below.


There have been many questions about the provincial dues, the special levy, the local levy and the PSSP Surcharge.  Here is a breakdown of the levies.  Percentages are based on gross income.

Provincial Dues

=     1.6%        

 Breakdown:  Regular dues  1.3% + Special Levy  0.3%

Local Levy:

=     0.12%  on each pay         

+      $42 one-time per year, taken off the                            first pay, usually in September

PSSP Surcharge


=    $5 per paycheck

The Provincial Special Levy is to build up a fund to put OSSTF in a better bargaining position.

The Local Levy is to support the local work of our Union.

The PSSP Surcharge is collected to provide an honourarium to the each of the PSSP President and Chief Negotiator in recognition of the time and expertise they spend while they work on your behalf.


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Contact Information

Joan Jardin

District Officer

Business: 613-546-6985

Mobile: 613-305-2716

Ellie Foster

PSSP President

home: 613-544-4937

Work: 613-542-9894 x 292