Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
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Educational Services

Educational Services Committee

The Educational Services Committee deals with upcoming education policy and professional development opportunities.    

Information and forms related to support for attending professional development events are downloadable below.


2018-2019 Branch and Bargaining Unit Representatives:

   BSS      Carol Allmendinger  
   ESS      Stewart Williams (Chair)  
   GREC      Randy McVety (Vice Chair)
  Valerie Allen
   Instructors      Sandy Shortt-Hawley
   KCVI    Kim Kippen
   LSS    Sabine Richarz
   LCVI    Melissa Randle (Treasurer)
   NDSS    Lisa McGowan (Secretary)                
   Occasional        Mike Olive
   PSSP    Chrystal Dupuis
   SHS    Eirik Rutherford

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Contact Information

Stewart Williams

ESS: 613-386-3054