Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
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Collective Agreement

With the move to central and local bargaining, our Collective Agreement is now in many parts.   Both the Central and Local Collective Agreements together make up the complete new set of conditions.

In addition to these documents, there is now the Extension Agreement and the Bill 115 Remedy Agreement.

We are working on putting these together to make one document but it is a moving target.

There is the Central Collective Agreement which has contains the Memorandum of Settlement (MoS), the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) and the Articles.  The Central Collective Agreement (Part A) was negotiated by our provincial representatives, OPSBA and the Ministry of Education. 

The Local Collective Agreement (Part B) was negotiated by your local bargaining representatives.   The document is in draft form even though it is complete and contains all the changes from 2012 to the present because the Board and the Union have not officially approved the document.  Also, in the future the Central and Local Agreements will somehow be merged into one document, however, due to the victory in the Bill 115 Appeal, we have delayed finalizing the merge.  There may be alterations due to the victory.

Separated out are the Teachers' Salary Grids; the present grid is that for September 2017.

The responsibility allowance also increased.  The new allowance is shown in the Responsibility Allowance September 2017 below.

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