Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
27 Limestone


The OSSTF Limestone District 27 District is composed of the three Bargaining Units; Instuctors, PSSP and Teachers, each of which have their own Executive.  There is also a District Executive whose primary role is coordination of information and the maintenance of the District Office.

Nominations for positions for the 2019-2021 District Executive have been closed.  The District Executive for the 2019-2021 term are:


President                                Shawn Lavender                     Appointed

Vice-President                        Kyla Munro                              Acclaimed

Executive Officer                    John Vince                              Acclaimed

Secretary                                Kim Thorne                             Acclaimed

Treasurer                               Stewart Williams                      Acclaimed


Shawn Lavender was selected and appointed as District President by the District Executive. The District President will take on many of the duties of the District Officer and will work in the District Office.  This appointment is for one year and will be advertised next year for a two-year term.

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Contact Information

Andrea Loken

District and Teachers' Bargaining Unit President

OSSTF Limestone District 27

Office: 613-546-6985

Mobile: 613-532-0409

Fax: 613-545-1295

Joan Jardin

District Officer

Business: 613-546-6985

Mobile: 613-305-2716